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Your Trusted Advisor

An Investment Philosophy informed by watching billions of dollars in motion, over thousands of accounts, and with intensive objective analysis of what works and what doesn't.

According to our projections, most investment advisors are not and will never be millionaires (in today’s dollars) because they lack the knowledge and discipline to carry out the steps to achieve these goals.  You’ll be advised by an advisor who not only has traveled down the road himself, but has seen and guided countless others to achieving their financial goals.  Because compounding is the eighth wonder of the world – having an advisor who is skilled at planning, strategy, and compounding may add millions in assets and tens in thousands in income to your family’s financial security.


Daniel Harris is a Stanford trained investment advisor who, in addition to becoming a millionaire himself through saving and investing, has seen over $1.1 billion in securities transactions across thousands of accounts. In this capacity, Daniel has seen the multitude of ways In which investors can succeed or fail at having productive portfolios and assets and will use this knowledge along with extensive proprietary market research to benefit you and your accounts.  



Daniel Harris will be your personal,

Millionaire investment advisor.

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