Our Journey

2006-2007 Daniel Harris enters the financial service industry, working for one of the largest wealth management groups in San Diego.  In the course of that job he is exposed to virtually every client transaction over a 15 year period and he learns what behavior makes clients millionaires from their investments and planning.

2010 Many clients are encouraged to consider investing in municipal bonds as an asset class after the announced ending of Build America Bond Program created a temporary oversupply of municipal bonds on the market as states rushed to issue bonds before the program ended – leading to more bonds and higher yields than is typical.

2009 Frustrated with fence sitting advice he sees advisers giving to his friends during the financial crisis of 2008, Daniel Harris founds D.R. Harris & Co. to help his friends get better investment advice during the financial crisis of 2008.  Daniel Harris encourages his first clients to avoid buying treasury bonds at inflated prices and instead consider buying high quality but low priced assets in emerging markets, real estate, municipal bonds, U.S. stocks and other distressed assets.

2012 Daniel Harris and his wife surpass $500,000 in net worth. 

2013 Daniel Harris and his wife surpass $800,000 in net worth.

2011 Clients are encouraged to consider inexpensive U.S. based insurance companies and lower priced foreign stocks for their portfolios.  Clients are also encouraged to take advantage of advantageous municipal bond pricing as the Build America Bond program worked through its glut of supply.

2012 Clients are encouraged to consider purchasing inexpensive but high quality foreign stocks as well as generic consumer based pharmaceutical companies with high growth rates and good profit margins.

2014 Daniel Harris and his wife surpass $900,000 in net worth.

2014 Clients are encouraged to consider purchasing well run pharmaceutical companies in the multiple sclerosis market, cloud computing companies, insurance, beauty supply, technology, emerging market, energy, smartphone and smartphone chip making companies.  For the first time, clients are encouraged to take a short position in the market as a hedge against potentially inflated stock prices.

2015 Daniel Harris and his wife surpass $1,000,000 in net worth.

*Disclousure: While we believe this to be a representative group of suggestions which demonstrates our thinking at the time, this does not represent a comprehensive list of every piece of advice D.R. Harris & Co. gave to clients.  





Daniel Harris