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Competitive Flat Fees

As a fee based fiduciary, we think it is very important to be open and transparent about fees.  Our fees are always disclosed in advance and in your investment advisory agreement.  We do not receive kickbacks or fees from financial firms or product creators.  This allows us to give impartial, unbiased advice that we believe is in your best interest and maintain complete loyalty towards our clients.  

Our fees are competitive and flat rate so you know exactly what you'll pay in advance and we can tell you exactly what our advisory service will cost on your discovery call.


1. Nondiscretionatory Investment Advice


Nondiscretionary advice means that you place your own trades in your account and we provide investment advice but do not act as your agent in your account.  


Nondiscretionary investment advice is designed for clients who have the time and want to place their own trades with their brokerage firm.  We will recommend exactly what to do, including which securities we recommend you buy or sell to help you achieve your goals and you can go ahead and make the transactions directly with your brokerage firm.  

Providing investment advice in a non-discretionary way, for a flat fee is our standard advisory service. 





2. Asset Minimums

Our firm does not require a minimum level of assets to work with us.  While many of our clients have at least $250,000 or more in investments some have much more and some have much less.  We meet people wherever they are in their journey and you don't need a minimum level of assets to work with us.

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