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Autumn 2016 Building your Financial Knowledge Classes


Each year as a way of giving back for the success our firm has had – we provide a few classes to the public on financial planning for people under 40 and advanced investing techniques for those with substantial portfolios.  We charge for these courses because we have some costs in providing the software to take the class online and because the information is highly valuable and it takes time away from our existing clients to teach these courses.  If you’re interested in building your financial knowledge and becoming a more knowledgeable investor you can signup for the course and pay for it by credit card.  As a policy we do not issue refunds for our courses and all sales are final. 


Online Investing for Beginners Course [$90 fee per person to take this course]


Designed for people under 40, who have less than $90k invested in securities. 


The course discusses the fundamentals of personal finance from the perspective of someone under 40 including: how to invest your 401(k), whether to use the brokerage window, the right vehicles to save for college, what rate to save at, how to avoid probate fees and protect your spouse and children, how to invest for a home, the right types of insurance and a brief analysis of how to analyze funds, real estate, and other investment options.


Class Dates:

Tuesday September 20 7pm-9pm

Thursday September 22 7pm-9pm

Tuesday September 27 7pm-9pm



Online Advanced Investing Techniques Course [$90 fee per person to take this course]


Designed for people under 50, who have more than $90k invested in securities. 


This course is a deep dive into the academic research and practical approaches to investing in an advanced way.  It discusses the empirical evidence for different methods of investing, provides practice in security and fund analysis, teaches you to compare the relative value of different asset classes, and discusses how to analyze the new security and financial products that have emerged in recent years. 


This course is only for those who have a firm grounding in personal finance and have at least 5 years of experience analyzing investment and performing security analysis.


Class Dates:

Tuesday October 25 7pm-9pm

Thursday October 27 7pm-9pm

Tuesday November 1 7pm-9pm

Thursday November 3 7pm-9pm

Tuesday November 8 7pm-9pm

Thursday November 10 7pm-9pm

Tuesday November 15 7pm-9pm

Thursday November 17 7pm-9pm

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